Wellness on the Go: Health and Fitness Tips for a Truck Driver

Healthy truck drivers

Spending almost the entire day behind the wheel, with little to no time for healthcare and exercise, health issues are becoming increasingly common place for truck drivers.

While constantly sitting in the same position for long hours is a part of the job, the root of the issue lies in their daily diet. Here are a few tips (along with a bonus workout for truck drivers) that will help you stay fit in the trucking industry.

Begin Your Day Right

Not many people realize the importance of a proper breakfast. In the trucking industry especially, a proper and wholesome breakfast is a crucial step in maintaining good health.

Not only should you have breakfast every morning at the right time but you should also make sure that it includes all the essential nutrition that your body needs to stay energized throughout the day. Besides milk and whole grains, incorporate fresh fruits and/or vegetables in your morning meals.

According to healthy truck drivers, having a proper breakfast reduces hunger pangs and the craving for untimely snacks. This helps avoid overeating and prevents obesity.

When Hunger Strikes

Trucking can indeed be a very exhausting job which is why it is common for truck drivers to eat large portions to stay full. Instead of waiting for meal times and then eating excessive amounts (which is what leads to overeating and other health issues), you will find it a lot more beneficial to munch on healthy snacks throughout the day.

So the next time that you head out on the road, stock some nutritious snacks such as boiled eggs, dried fruits, mixed nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even yogurt.

Choose a Company for the Ride

Many drivers munch on various junk foods and other fillers simply to break the monotony of a trucking job. While the nature of the work cannot be changed, you must change your habits if you want to stay healthy in the oversize trucking industry.

Grabbing a snack from the nearest stop is not the way to maintain fitness. Play some light music or listen to the radio to entertain yourself while you drive along the long stretches of road. You can also keep some books or magazines to give you company when you take a break from driving and have nothing else to do. Reading will not only increase your knowledge, but it is also a great exercise for your mind.

It will keep you updated and connected with the world even if you spend a large amount of time behind the wheel.

Stay Well Hydrated

Not drinking enough water can lead to serious health issues including kidney problems and nervous system degeneration. Consuming sufficient water also aids in digestion and ensures that all other organs function properly.

Moreover, you must not drink more than two cups of coffee in a day. It may help you stay awake but a lot of caffeine is not good for anyone. The same applies to sodas and other carbonated drinks. Substitute the artificial beverages with fresh juices and your body will thank you.

Last but Not Least: Exercise

Adopting healthy eating habits will do little good until you exercise regularly as well. A demanding job is no excuse to neglect your health. Plus, who says you need to go to a gym to stay fit?

While that is definitely a great option, if you feel you don’t have the time to head out for a workout, then simply do one wherever you are.

Set aside as little as 5 minutes a day and do the following workout that is short and simple yet highly effective. Doing a 3-minute plank followed by 25 pushups, twice a day will give you noticeable results within a few days. This hardly takes five minutes, can be done anywhere, plus saves you the time commuting to and from the gym. Not to mention, it saves your money as well.

So, follow these tips to stay fit in the trucking industry.