Florida may be the right fit in saving money on Flatbed Shipping for your company.

Flatbed Shipping on the Bridge at Downtown Miami, Florida USA
Flatbed Shipping on the Bridge at Downtown Miami, Florida USA

Businesses competing in today’s global market can be challenging. Your business location shouldn’t be a burden, especially in areas trying to support their fiscal budgets on the backs of hard working business. Therefore, Florida has led the nation as a business-friendly state to enable companies like yours to grow quickly and save all across the board especially when Flatbed Shipping across the country

Florida knows what it takes to do business and welcomes you with your workers the connectivity and quality your company needs to survive.


Florida’s government and economic development is working together so that the state’s business climate remains good for all types of businesses including some of the nation’s largest flatbed trucking companies. Florida is also working together with legislative initiatives like insurance tort reform, industry incentives and much more. Florida is the right-to-work state.

Florida may be the right fit in saving money on Flatbed Shipping for your company.

Competitive Cost of Doing Business when  Flatbed Shipping in Florida

Florida now offers an alternative to competitive high-tech states. Reasons why, land, labor, and Flatbed Hauling in Florida is more affordable than in California or New England for businesses in certain targeted locations, the state also offers additional financial incentives. Businesses seeking workforce training, road infrastructure or specialized locations for oversized loads in Florida may also qualify for specific saving programs that help reduce annual costs.

Business save on Flatbed Shipping in Florida

Business dollars go a lot farther in Florida when you are not giving it all away because of hard to get in and out of cities with off the chart tolls that carry to the business bottom line, Businesses thrive in low flatbed freight cost and enjoy the benefit of savings.

Expedited Flatbed Shipping

Florida understands that businesses need certainty when Flatbed Hauling in Florida The state’s highway agencies and local governments provide less costly and more predictable permitting processes for Oversized Flatbed Loads reducing the stress and cost when shipping to customers. Florida is offering growing businesses access to money from private, state, federal sources. The state of Florida has implemented initiatives, such as the Florida Opportunity Fund, and economic gardening programs that assist Florida businesses to expand by offering  services such as shipping information, leadership development, and business management including how to save money when Flatbed Hauling in Florida

Exports From Florida. In 2015, Florida Businesses exported more than $53 billion in goods to more than 200 countries. That makes Florida the sixth-largest exporting state in the US. An estimated $38.5 billion worth of services were exported in 2014. This is a trucking company dream come true with an average growth of 30% annually to Flatbed Shipping Revenue and it’s not all about oranges. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the Top 25 Exports from Florida is a pretty strange list. Like many others without doing any research, most thought it was Beef, Citrus, and Agriculture.

Below is the current list of the Top 25 Commodities, and values in millions of dollars.

 Exports from Florida

The Top 5:


From The Governor of Florida Rick Scott, Florida is a great place to do business on a global scale,” said Gov. Rick Scott in a prepared statement. “My team works every day to make Florida the No. 1 business state and a highly valued trade partner with countries around the world, especially those in Central and South America.”

About 85 percent of Florida’s exports are manufactured goods, which makes Florida the second in the nation for export intensity, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

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