Electronic Login Devices: Oh no, paperless!

electronic login device
Oh no paperless!

Electronic Login Devices: Oh no, paperless! IFTA, RODS What!!

RODS [Record Of Daily Status], IFTA report [International Fuel Tax Agreement] acronyms that you need to be up to speed with and in compliance with this year. There are some inexpensive solutions that can be used in conjunction with your Android devices. You also can purchase and dedicate a device to your truck if you wish.

Don’t let this deadline get the best of you. Be positive and look at the good things that you can accomplish going forward. There are plenty of sound reasons to get set up as soon as you can. These devices will become a friend to your bottom line ROI, that’s an acronym that everyone can agree to improve on.

You will be able to study things like idle time and speed details, helping you get the best fuel mileage possible for your trucks and lanes.

By staying on top of your truck maintenance analytics you will actually be able to reduce your down time with an electronic login device. Better yet, accidents decrease as well.

Another good time saver is the ease of filing simplified regulatory compliances. The ELD mandate allows you to easily satisfy other regulations like Inspection and mileage tax reports.