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Flatbed Shipping Arkansas [AR]

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In Arkansas driving on deteriorated roads has become commonplace. For the flatbed shipping and oversized hauling transportation industry this can add $1500 per driver annually in cost to operate. Just as in neighboring state Alabama, Arkansas has many bridges that are in desperate need of repair or replacement to handle the increase in traffic.

The heart of Arkansas’ keeps an efficient and extensive Interstate system driving the growth of all the state economies. Residents can move around the state with ease visiting friends, parks, attractions and expect goods to be reliably delivered for easy consumption.

Now with this said the state has a monumental task at hand to rally for funding and the reconstruction of its roadways and bridges. As in any state funding needs to be maintained to continue to rely on the heart of the Arkansas Transportation System.  A direct result in this effort will be the sudden boost in temporary jobs and the foundation of new economic growth that will help Arkansas keep up with the advances in technology and the emerging global marketplaces.

Safety is of major concern even as the state’s congressional leaders work on passing a bill raising the speed limit to75mph. [See an associated article by David Banselbane: Arkansas Speed Limit Increases and its implications on Arkansas Transportation] No matter what, this increase as studies suggest will cause more highway casualties.

Currently construction is underway to extend the I-69 Interstate through Mississippi and Arkansas. This requires a right of way from Dyersburg and through to South Fullerton counties. I-69 will occupy the south eastern to southerly lane of Arkansas connecting to Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Because of recent legislation approving funding this is the best time to move the ball forward on this I-69 project. There is some concern over other states offering competing logistics solutions for this future flatbed shipping corridor. These alternatives are helping to push favorable legislations in the Arkansas house. They recognize that the improved access to the heartland of the US can only propel the economy of Arkansas and at an alarming pace.

Now that the project has been underway local and through traffic along the George Nigh Expressway is experiencing the delays that improvements bring. Residents and transportation companies will have to put up with these inconveniences and additional related costs for now, but can look forward to regaining these lost funds and the outlook of greater profits quickly when the project is completed.

DOWN THE ROAD: I-69 in Arkansas from Toronto through to Mexico is being coined as the “Freight Corridor of the Future”. With facts supporting the movement by truck of seventy percent of all goods shipped in the US these future freight corridors will maintain the efficiency, reliability, and immediate response shoring up the states along this I-69 corridor.