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Flatbed Shipping Arizona [AZ]

FBHQ of Arizona flatbed shipping companies can guide you through the shipping process.

Flatbed Hauling Quotes has a reputation of extending the best freight rates for any given lane. Experience, dedication, and commitment to our Shippers and Carriers is from point A to point B is in our DNA. Arizona Department of Transportation

Arizona Trucking is a Huge Contributor to the State’s Economy

The Arizona Trucking Association has an important role in the state’s ability to procure employment in the flatbed and dry van trucking industry. Economically it goes hand in hand with the growth of the Arizona economy. Almost 6% of the workforce in Arizona can be associated with flatbed trucking companies. These jobs are an integral part of the state’s economy.

Most of these jobs can be associated with smaller business’s in the state. Looking out for these smaller companies is an important part of the Arizona Trucking Associations effort to provide the necessary services for these smaller business’s. Because over ninety percent of goods in this country are shipped using dry van and flatbed trucking companies, to be effective in facilitating the transportation of goods these associations are viable.
Associations like the Arizona Trucking Association help in standardizing different facets of these dry van and flatbed shipping companies. They are extremely effective in helping to lower fuel consumption and the reduction of emissions. Important partnerships are top priority and are always being formed for these purposes by the ATA.

If you are seeking a quick way to earn a substantial income contributing to the many flatbed shipping companies in Arizona you should seriously consider starting as an owner operator. As an owner operator it will afford you the independence of a solid business ownership and the financial rewards that fit your life style choices and economic goals. Because of the large demand for flatbed freight quotes and the shortage of drivers in the United States purchasing and maintaining your own small fleet can produce a rewarding career with a solid return on your investment.

Keeping rates competitive and offering reliable, safe transportation will exponentially increase the demand for your company and propel your income far above the average of 40 K per year. A responsible and closely monitored fleet of drivers whether small or large is a necessity to achieve an above average ROI for you owner operator business. Building a network of reliable and responsible clients has never seen a better time than now with the demand set to increase by over 25% going forward over the next decade.

New “Safety Corridors” are being established on AZ interstate roadways. This is a new initiative that will enforce a zero tolerance on these designated lanes. Aircraft and special police car interceptors will observe the interactions between trucks and autos and collect this data in the study of this pilot program. The goal is to supply necessary data to help in forming concrete safety and effective conclusions in the ongoing efforts to improve safety and efficiency all around.

DOWN THE ROAD: One solution that is being pursued to aid in the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry and the subsequent shortage of drivers is the advent of autonomous transportation. There is a tremendous amount of venture capital being funneled towards these efforts. Autonomous trucking systems are being touted as being more efficient and safer helping to save lives by eliminating human error, especially with concerning driver fatigue a leading cause of transportation accidents.