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Flatbed Shipping Alaska [AK]

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Flatbed Shipping and the Trucking Industry Deliver for Alaska’s Economy

Clearly the dominant transportation industry in Alaska is trucking. Dry van shipping and flatbed shipping are responsible for moving most of the goods in the state of Alaska. These goods are moved efficiently and safely fueling the diverse economies of the state.

Alaska Safety Corridor Program

Alaska’s transportation system is within one of the most extreme and challenging environments on the planet. Alaska is a land of extremes with temperatures ranging from 100F to -80F, snowfalls as high as 974 inches of snow at Thompson Pass, and 80% of the State is under laid by ice-rich permafrost. Maintenance activities are conducted in a geographically diverse climate ranging from maritime to arctic.

Alaska Safety Corridor Program has an effect in reducing the high rates of fatal and serious injury crashes on two lane roads.
Alaska is among the top states to receive a National Roadway Safety Award. This award is for the states accomplishments in achieving the USA mandate of 0 deaths and serious injuries on our nations roadways.

Alaska shows almost a 50% decrease in crashes, fatalities and injuries due to the states efforts by collaborating with engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency responders. This is all part of Alaska’s Safety Zones programs. The programs are great examples of the strong coordination efforts of the ADOT and all agencies involved.

A lot of credit goes to these coordinated efforts and the support of Alaska’s flatbed transportation carriers. These truckdrivers made the choice to drive safer, responsibly and comply to the states safety regulations. Alaska is becoming safer and much stronger as they reduce the emotional and economic stresses associated with a higher number of accidents, fatalities and roadway injuries.

These proven lifesaving solutions are examples to be followed by other states to achieve similar favorable results.

  • Effectiveness,
  • Innovation
  • Efficient Use of Resources.

Alaska remains a leader in transportation safety as they constantly improve these efforts through service and infrastructure.

To combat the effects of snow and ice Alaska’s DOT uses modern technologies to manage the states infrastructure. Anti-icing and De-icing agents are meticulously applied and maintained, managed with the latest Information gathering systems like [RWIS] Road Weather Information System. These systems pin point when these chemicals need to be applied. Alaska is leading in the installation of automatic bridge de-icing systems.

Operational responsibilities of the ADOT include; highways, bridges, airports, buildings, harbors, airport anti-icing and deicing, snowplowing, snow hauling, avalanche control and mitigation, vegetation management, guardrail repair, sign maintenance, street and traffic light repair, drainage structures, fence maintenance, airport light repair, airport rescue and firefighting, airport security, and facility repairs, emergency weather related situations such as snow and ice removal, fallen trees, mud and landslides, and roadway and airport flooding.

High Accuracy Differential Global Positioning Systems are used to know what areas need to be cleared in white out and zero visibility weather situations.

Down The Road: Alaskas future challenge will be the safe operational access to the North Slope. Protection of the environment is of foremost concern. There are studies in place to analyze the best steps forward in accomplishing this access as the climate changes. U.S. Arctic managers can access information from the project to help them make informed decisions about what research and monitoring will be necessary to keep residents and ecosystems safe as development occurs.